15.00 EUR

Premium+ RANK

The Premium+ rank is the ideal choice for medium budgets!

You get access to many cosmetics and perks but most importantly, you're supporting us!

Here are the following perks you get from this rank:


  Receive 2 event tokens daily (stackable). Allowing you to host events for all to enjoy, with customizable features!

- Support us ✔️

  Your purchase will help us to improve our network!

- Permanent Rank ✔️

  You will keep your rank forever, no matter what!

- Reduced Chat Cooldown ✔️

  Chat cooldown reduced from 1 second to 0.10 seconds!

- Potion Particles Colour ✔️

  Get access to some sparky particles for your splash potions

- Special Items ✔️

  Get access to new fighting items for Boxing & Sumo gamemodes!

- Blocks ✔️

  Get access to flashy custom blocks for the Build gamemode! 

- Kill Phrases ✔️

  Customize the message in chat when killing someone!

- Slot Limit Bypass ✔️

  Bypass any slots limit in our in-game server.

- Gadgets ✔️

  Get access to cool gadgets such as trampoline, fireball, TNT and more! 

- Particle Trails ✔️

  Get access to awesome particles that will follow you everywhere!