25.00 EUR

Ultimate Rank

The Ultimate rank is the best of the best! ⭐
You get access to all cosmetics, perks and even a free beta access to the new features!

Here are the following perks you get from this rank:


  Receive 4 event tokens daily (stackable). Allowing you to host events for all to enjoy, with customizable features!

- Support us ✔️

Your purchase will help us to improve our network!

- Permanent Rank ✔️

  You will keep your rank forever, no matter what!

- Reduced Chat Cooldown ✔️

  Chat cooldown reduced from 1 second to 0.10 seconds!

- Potion Particles Colour ✔️

  Get access to some sparky particles for your splash potions

- Special Items ✔️

  Get access to new fighting items for Boxing & Sumo gamemodes!

- Blocks ✔️

  Get access to flashy custom blocks for the Build gamemode! 

- Kill Phrases ✔️

  Customize the message in chat when killing someone!

- Slot Limit Bypass ✔️

  Bypass any slots limit in our in-game server.

- Gadgets ✔️

  Get access to cool gadgets such as trampoline, fireball, TNT and more! 

- Particle Trails ✔️

  Get access to awesome particles that will follow you everywhere! 

- Capes ✔️

  Get access to a selection of 10+ capes cosmetic.

- Nick Command ✔️

  Change your username to a random one and hide your identity.

- Beta Access ✔️

  Test all the new features before anyone else!